Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Frocktails: Pink Punch

I wanted a cheery spring dress and a drink to go along with it, and I found both. If I had a punch bowl and a garden to throw a party in, I'd be all set. This pink champagne punch is fizzy and refreshing. I love how all the flavors combine, and the St. Germain adds a little something special.

The painted lacebloom dress from Madewell is flirty, bright and comfortable and will carry me all the way through summer. I just love all those happy colors blended together in one sweet, floral pint.

Pink Champagne Punch

1 750 ml. bottle dry champagne
1 12 oz. can frozen lemonade concentrate
6 oz. St. Germain
6 oz. cranberry juice
2 tablespoons superfine sugar, optional
lemon slices or curls for garnish

Combine champagne, slightly thawed lemonade concentrate, St. Germain and cranberry juice. Chill for about one hour in the refrigerator. For added sweetness and fizziness, stir in superfine sugar before serving. If serving in a punch bowl, garnish with lemon slices, or for individual glasses, garnish with lemon curls. Makes 8-10 servings.

Dress found here. Frocktails is a monthly feature for fashion and libation inspiration. See past pairings.


  1. You always have such beautiful dresses and pair them so nicely with adorable & super yummy drinks! I'll have to try out this cocktail because I love champagne!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Oh dear. That dress is so cute! More importantly, though, I think I need some of that champagne punch in my life ASAP.

  3. even the bowl matches! somehow i missed the drink pairings memo and so now i'm gonna have to read them all, because this drink with that dress sounds like the perfect occasion.

  4. Yet another yummy month- I tried the Moscow Mule interesting one. Thank you for the variety.

  5. Fantastic dress! And I love that little bowl that matches everything as well - so cute :)

    1. Isn't it a cute bowl? I was in Anthropologie last week and couldn't resist it.

  6. This looks delicious. The perfect spring cocktail. And that dress is adorable!

  7. Yum! This looks perfect for a spring afternoon in the sun. And the color of that dress is gorg!



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