Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Sips: Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet Float

This drink/dessert is a quick fix that's perfect for an outdoor summer meal. The recipe is courtesy of Martha Stewart Living, but it couldn't be easier. While the recipe calls for raspberry and lemon sorbet, I opted to go with just the raspberry sorbet (because the grocery store was out of lemon) and squeezed in a bit of lemon juice to add tartness. The ginger ale provides a sweetness and fizz that's kid-friendly, but Prosecco would make for a more grown-up treat. Overall, it's a refreshing drink that serves as a light and tasty dessert.

Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet Floats
Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

1 pint lemon sorbet
1 pint raspberry sorbet
2 bottles (12 ounces each) ginger ale, preferably naturally brewed

Use your favorite sorbet in this recipe. High-quality, naturally sweetened ones work especially well. Place 1 scoop lemon sorbet and 1 scoop raspberry sorbet in each of 4 tall glasses. Fill each glass with 3/4 cup ginger ale, and serve immediately. Serves 4.


  1. Love this! It looks and sounds so refreshing! I vote for Prosecco!

  2. I love ginger ale floats. Thanks for reminding me. The sorbet sounds like a nice light version and the Prosecco? It's always great to add a little creative boost to an old favorite!

  3. This looks like such a tasty drink! I never experiment with making drinks ever, i should look into this before summer is over.



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