Monday, March 30, 2009

A Journal for the Journey

If you're looking to hit the road for spring break or this summer, I've got your travel companion. The journey journal from Cracked Designs, a Milwaukee-based greeting card company, is a thin little booklet filled with checklists, space to record all your trip memories, a page for afterthoughts and a compartment for storing those little knick-knacks you collect on the road. The most appealing part of the little booklet is the cover which features a map, fasteners and string so you can trace your route. Road trip!


  1. this map journal cover is of ashley coming to see me, then the two of us going to see dan and anna's wedding but deciding in chicago to go to nyc instead...

  2. That's great! Journals are one of my favorite things and that cover really appeals to me too. Wish I'd had it, and the song, before we left on our California Road Trip. Next time!



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