Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Slippin'


Just when I was getting used to sunshine and flip flops, it feels like summer is winding down. I guess there's always nostalgia.

By the way, thanks for all the encouragement about the move. Y'all are the best!

[photos: sean dreilinger; parkerkrhoyt; Joseph Quevedo Photography; Rich Frollini


  1. This really made me miss being a kid in the summertime. Is there anything more enjoyable than a Slippin' Slide on a hot summer day? I should say not.

  2. Nothin like the good ol' slip and slide! Amazing! Must admit I never enjoyed the wedgies though! haha
    xo tash

  3. slip n' slides!!! Pretty much my fav summertime activity as a kid... just might have to break this one out as an adult sometime ;)
    Have a lovely day!
    :) Christine

  4. yes! such memories... i loooved slip n slide!

  5. I remember these! I was always a bit afraid to slide on them -- I thought I'd hit the ground too hard.

  6. I miss slip and slides!! You are going to do amazingly in NEW YORK I just know it! xo

  7. Boy, would I ever love to do that right about now. How old is too old?
    Great pics!

  8. Yes, I would loooove to be doing that right now. It sounds like the perfect way to end the summer. :)

  9. From experience, I can say 39 is definitely too old for the Slip N Slide. I tried playing with the kids and let me tell you. The ground is hard under that thing!

    Thanks for choosing my photo for your blog. And even more so for the link to my flickr page.

  10. Slip & Slide is the best!!!! :-)



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