Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Post: I Heart Charleston

reason #2,941 why i'm in love with charleston
charleston farmers' market

I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia's blog, everyday musings, was responsible for an increase in tourism to Charleston. The girl loves her beautiful town and it's apparent. I hope one day Olivia and I can discuss historic southern cities over a batch of her caramel sea salt brownies.

It's no secret that I'm a little obsessed with Charleston. The first time I visited Charleston as a little girl, I decided I would live there one day - and I'm happy every day for sticking with that decision.

The reasons why I love Charleston are infinite, it's hard to know where to start. I love the cobblestone streets, mossy oak trees, world-class food, drawn-out Southern accents, colorful buildings, wrap-around porches, marshes, random summer days in February...

moped, basket + flowers
broad street.

...and I could go on. Charleston is a fairy tale-esque, timeless city, while staying vibrant, energetic, young, and artistic. Everyone in Charleston seems to share a similar enthusiasm for life.

The feeling Charleston evokes is ineffable, but once you experience it, you never want to leave. The low country just has a way of seeping into your soul.


  1. Oh it sounds absolutely magical! I've always wanted to visit.

  2. ahh, I love olivia's blog and I can't wait to visit charleston! (there is no excuse since I live in savannah, not too far away at all)

  3. "The feeling Charleston evokes is ineffable, but once you experience it, you never want to leave." So beautifully written.

  4. The buildings just look sooo beautiful. I hope I can find my way to this magical city one day!

  5. I adore Olivia and her blog! I've been to Charleston a handful of times and I always love it. She makes me want to pack up and move south! Such a lovely post : )


  6. when's the best season to go visit? always wanted to, but don't know enough about it to pick the BEST time...

  7. i want to visit there again so bad!

  8. love this! my husband grew up in charleston and it is one of my most favorite places. xo!

  9. I would love to visit Charleston! It sounds like the cutest city ever that is full of charm. A friend of mine just moved there and is loving it.

  10. dying to check out charleston!

  11. Just perfect! Olivia has a lovely way with words.



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