Thursday, January 20, 2011

Put a Bird on It

Oh, this makes me laugh. Have you guys heard of Portlandia? As an adopted Northwesterner, I'm interested to see just how accurate it is.

*The clip seems to be a little sporadic in Google Chrome, but Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. should have you covered.


  1. Me-Cusey I put a bird on it! I can't believe that's the Eurotrip guy! This is pretty cute!

  2. Tom from Saturday HarborJanuary 20, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    what is it that makes Portland "portlandia" is it the short depressing winter days coupled with way too much caffeine, no wait, that would make it "seattlite". It has to be the overabundant use of outdoor clothing,yeah that's it!

  3. I have yet to watch this, but I am from Portland and my friends back home are loving it! I'll let you know how accurate I think it is after I watch it... :)

  4. this could easily become one of my new favorite shows. thanks for sharing!

  5. Being and born and raised from Portland- most of it is sort of true.. I watched the first episode and never heard of hide and seek league.. but I know there is a kick ball leage and there is a thing called the zoo bombers- where people ride their bikes down the hill from zoo and try to crash. :)

  6. HAHAHAHAHA Fred Armisen is one of my favorites on SNL...and this was hilarious! I even love birds on anything (seriously, i glazed a ceramic platter a couple months ago with the silhouette of a bird) but this little spoof cracked me up! "oh you missed a spot"..."ow, watch your finger!" Lol I'm going to check out this show for sure :)

    PS - I grew up in Vancouver, WA (just across the river from Portland) and was there often...I'm excited to see this show & get some good laughes :) I do love that city though and miss it sometimes :)

  7. I just started watching Portlandia! I think it's hilarious (plus I love Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein so bonus). I loved the restaurant scene in the first episode. Plus so psyched all the episodes will be on youtube!



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