Friday, August 5, 2011

Thoughts of the Week

If I could do a handstand, I would do it here.

What? Adults can have cartoon elephants in their dining rooms.

Could this be a reason to eat cake for breakfast?

Speaking of cake, this one is calling my name. And this one too.

Combining patterns really is okay.

Those Beatle guys are kind of talented.

I would like a house one day solely for the hammock space.

This isn't a wedding video, it's a wedding film.

A New York rite of passage that I need to revisit.

Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? I have friends visiting from out of town, and I see popsicles and parks in our future. Enter the giveaway if you haven't yet, and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow, those hammock spots are ah-mazing! A very happy Friday (wow I can't believe it's here!) to you!!

  2. Great links. I could go for a hammock-y house too. And cake? Yes please. Have a great weekend! Xo,Katie

  3. oh man, that wedding video made me cry! so beautiful!

  4. Great links! That wedding video---Ahh!! Beautiful!

  5. Oh dear! I just saw that you linked to the elephant post. Wouldn't it just be wonderful to have elephants in our dining rooms?!?




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