Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts of the Week

All food should be this vibrant.

A solution for the indecisive cook.

You can't beat neutrals for sophistication.

But these candy-colored jeans are calling my name too.

What kid (or grown-up) wouldn't want a Lego staircase?

These bagels are on another level.

Let's all go exploring this weekend.

What dudes should wear.

Thrifting is one of those skills I never acquired, but maybe it's not too late.

Dessert for breakfast is as close as I get to anarchy.

Sometimes love is about seeing the big picture.

Happy Friday, friends! The photo above is some street art I see in my neighborhood on my daily walk to and from the subway. I think it's kind of strange and beautiful at the same time. Hope you all have lovely, refreshing weekends!


  1. That sorbet looks amazing, and that bicycle tie is very cute indeed!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. i love this wrap-up! and the photo of the beautiful street art is by one of my favorites, swoon. her work is so lovely.

  3. love the bicycle tie!!

  4. Hey there Natalie! Thanks so much for linking to my little thrifting post. :) Now I've found your blog and I'm just so happy I did!

  5. Sweet weekend round up. I really enjoy graffiti art too, where is this one?

  6. What is so funny about you linking me up is I was just thinking about doing a post of all of my favorite reads ... you friend were on it obviously. Love reading your posts as they always make smile. And yes dessert for breakfast makes me feel like a rebel!!! Enjoy your weekend BISOUS!

  7. Ha! The globe dinner spinner was great :) Lovely links - thanks for the great distraction this evening. Beautiful stuff.

  8. love the links... i'm so buying a pair of colored jeans this season!



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