Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art House

If I can't live in a house, I can at least fill my apartment with tiny renderings of houses. I've spent my entire adult life living in dorm rooms and apartments, so I have all sorts of whimsical ideas associated with living in a house. It seems like this unattainable thing, which it pretty much is in New York City. Do you live in a house or apartment? Or perhaps an igloo?

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  1. Hmmm...an igloo--now that would be tough. You can't even choose paint colors! Ha. I have lived in an assortment of places--dorms, apartments, townhomes, and now a home. Yay! But--we still do not own--one day. I will say this though--as much as I love having a home--and a yard---it is worth the trade to be in NYC. :)

  2. I live in a townhouse, which I guess is an apartment? I kind of like the simplicity (read: lack of responsibility) that comes with it.

  3. I'm the same; I've lived in an assortment of apartments and hostels (when I was backpacking). Now I'm living in a one story house in Sydney, Australia. I dream of someday owning a home where all my whimsical ideas can come true, but I doubt that'll ever happen.....

  4. I dream about a little Cape Cod–but for now, it's apartments for us!

  5. I have lived in apartments, Military housing, and houses. Houses are, by far, my favorite.



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