Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet Treat: Cream'wiches

The cleverly named 'wichcraft serves some very tasty sandwiches and is a great place to grab lunch in the city with its dozen or so locations. But they also have a dessert that's worth a visit, cream'wiches: cookie sandwiches with yummy fillings. I stopped by last week, picked up all five flavors (they're just a $1.15 a piece) and poured a glass of milk for the taste test. The chocolate chip is the crispiest of the cookies filled with a mild, sweet vanilla frosting. The lemon poppy seed is soft and chewy with a tangy fruit preserve filling. Peanut butter is crumbly and extra peanut buttery. The chocolate is the richest, two crunchy cookies brought together with a dense, fudgy ganache. The oatmeal uses incredibly soft cookies and a caramelly cream cheese filling. I think I've settled on the oatmeal as my favorite, but I might need to perform a second trial just to be sure.


  1. Those look amazing--yet another reason I'd rather be in SF or NYC (not Vegas, though) :)

  2. Oh, I used to go to 'Wichcraft when I lived in San Francisco- it was right down the block from my office. Now I'm craving those cookies again- so good.

  3. Oh my! We get these in the office occasionally and they are dangerously delicious. The chocolate is my favorite so far but I agree with you and another taste test may be in order :)

  4. oh yum yum yum!


  5. Oh no,this is so not what I should be reading right now since i'm trying to lose baby weight!!!

    - Sarah

  6. Can I come on the second taste test? :)



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