Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Talk

This was last year's turkey, and although my dad did most of the work, I'm hoping this year's turns out just as lovely. I like to make a turkey every year for just me and Jonah. It's sort of ridiculous, but I consider it all practice for the day I actually host a Thanksgiving, plus we eat turkey sandwiches and turkey soup for days. I've combined all sorts of brining, basting and glazing methods, but this year, I'm going full Alton Brown on it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Put on some cozy socks and eat lots of sweet potatoes.


  1. Mmmmm- I remember that tastey turkey. Missing you guys this year!

  2. It's just not thanksgiving without the turkey. :) This year we're brining ours in a coffee mix and then smoking it. I got the recipe from Food and Wine - *crossing fingers*. (Cozy socks and sweet potato's sound pretty good right now. )

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Looks wonderful! Last year I did aromatics and rubbed that baby all over with sage butter, delicious. Happy early Thanksgiving!

  4. Enjoy your bird!! Lucky guests who get to enjoy your cooking....

  5. good luck with the turkey! and have a wonderful, restful thanksgiving! :)

  6. This turkey is GORGEOUS! Best of luck in replicating it.

    And I will certainly be eating lots of sweet potatoes :)

    Name's Not Ashley

  7. Alton Brown is the way to go! Good luck!

  8. I've been making turkey for the past two thanksgivings, and I have to say, my biggest motivation is for the leftovers!



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