Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New York Subway Easter Eggs

new york city easter eggs
subway line easter eggs

New York City is full of inspiration, even on a crowded subway, so here's my Easter egg tribute to the city's transit system. The trains are labeled by different numbers, letters and colors, so with some food coloring and stickers, I created egg versions of the 22 subway lines. I used this food coloring kit and these 1-inch number and letter stickers (you'll need black letters for the yellow line). It's a fun spin on basic egg dyeing and my way of saying, "I love you, New York ... yes, even you, sad, little, unreliable G train."

A couple of tips if you want to make your own subway Easter eggs:
  • I really loved using the food coloring kit since it has all the colors you need, even grey and brown.
  • You can dye the eggs with the stickers already on them and remove once the eggs are dry. The colors may seep through a little in some cases, but this method was pretty successful for me.
  • For a more foolproof method, just attach the stickers after the eggs have been dyed and are dry.
  • Instead of Easter grass, I used a shredded subway map.
  • And wouldn't these be fun for an Easter egg hunt? "Find the 6 train!"
food coloring easter eggs
dyeing easter eggs
new york easter eggs


  1. you are adorable, i absolutely love these!

  2. such a great idea! so adorable!

  3. This are freakin' awesome. I want them.

  4. This is fantastic, what a great idea!

  5. Hehe what a different idea!!! I love the bright colors too!! =)

    Happy Spring!

    Ergo - Blog

  6. Alright, you officially take the take (or the egg? ;)) for the cutest Easter eggs ever. I am simply dying over these...

  7. These are amazing! What a great idea. The turned out so well!

    That G train is so unreliable, right? I wish it was better since I commute every day from Queens to Brooklyn! Oh well. Hope you are having a great week!

  8. That's a very good idea ... your are full of inventiveness ... and compliments for your the avocado post, a healthy cream for the face, lovely

  9. Absolutely adorable. Haha....such creativity.

  10. Brilliant... Absolutely BRILLIANT!

  11. Had such a great time sharing it with friends, family and customers! Thank you :)

  12. What a clever idea, they turned out great!

  13. I'm absolutely loving these! I should make my commute :)

  14. Ha! These are awesome! Makes us miss NYC! We want to feature this on our blog (with a link to your site, of course!). Thank you for the fun inspiration!

    Liz and Lo


  15. your tutorial is EVERYWHERE!!! and Katie Couric just pinned it. :)

  16. OMG - not often does Pinterest and my love of trains collide. Love love love!

    1. You might like this Pinterest board for "Underground Signs" - lots of train imagery

  17. I love these! Makes me miss NY so much!

  18. Cute and colorful!

  19. Great clear design. Love the bright colors!
    how did you get the stickers to follow the curves of the eggs so beautifully?



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