Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend in Photos

It was a dinner and movie sort of weekend. Friday night started with an after-work walk from midtown to Chinatown for noodles. We didn't plan on walking, but the weather was so perfect, we just couldn't help ourselves. The two of us had dumplings and noodles all for about $12. So cheap and so good. Then we headed to Tribeca for a film festival screening. The movie was dark and creepy, but the cast (Sam Rockwell!) and director were there, which made it more fun. Saturday night involved another mega-creepy movie and a long discussion about it over a yummy, cheesy meal at Murray's. It feels like New York has finally hit a springtime stride and just being out and about makes for a happy weekend.


  1. Cheese plates make me happy. Period. :) Lovely photos!

  2. You have such a lovely blog! Love the photos of NY in springtime :) x

  3. This looks and sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend!

  4. I must say all always look forward to seeing the pictures from your weekend recaps!

    These photos are no different. The trees hanging over the street and those noodles! Yummy!

  5. Your weekends are always so delicious–I may have just eaten lunch, but I'm ready for a cheese plate and a cocktail!

  6. Those noodles look amazing. I'm going to have to check this place out!

    I caught some shorts on the last day of the film fest, and one was definitely creepy and discussed much at brunch afterward :)



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