Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frocktails: Cheery Cherries

rainier cherry drink
cherry cocktail
rainier cherry cocktail
rainier cherry coktail

Rainier cherries are one of my favorite fruits. I love them so much I have a photo of them on my living room wall. Their season is fleeting, so I look forward to it every year. For this cocktail, I incorporated the cherries into a simple white wine spritzer that really showcases their color and flavor.

When I spotted this BB Dakota dress, I knew it'd be a perfect match for my drink thanks to those same irresistible bold colors. The bright splashes really pop thanks to the white, and the sheer neckline and breezy full skirt make it perfect for the dog days of summer.

Rainier Cherry Spritzer

4 Rainier cherries
1 tablespoon sugar
5 oz. of white wine, chilled (I used Riesling)
3 oz. of club soda, chilled

Pit and halve 4 cherries and muddle together with 1 tablespoon of sugar until the mixture becomes juicy and the sugar dissolves. Add to a glass and pour in 5 oz. of white wine. Top with 3 oz. club soda and give it a stir. Serves one.

Dress found here. Frocktails is a monthly feature for fashion and libation inspiration. See past pairings.


  1. Oh I love Rainier cherries. So delicious. I'm on a mission to find my signature cocktail. I'll definitely be adding this one to my to-try list!

  2. what a babe! (and what a delicious libation!)

  3. Both the cocktail and the frock are oh so pretty! And so very summery!

  4. You rock that dress. It looks better on you than in the ad. Work it. :)

  5. i love your dresses! be my stylist, please!

  6. That sounds like the PERFECT drink for this weather. And it really does go so perfectly with that dress- lovely!

  7. I love a strapless dress that can not fall down! Very relaxing. No pull up adjustments, great find.

  8. I love BB Dakota dresses! The drink looks amazing.


  9. That is such a pretty dress - love the sheer top.



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