Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend in Photos

Jonah and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary today! For the last couple months, life has been good but hectic and unpredictable. We're still living half-unpacked in a temporary apartment -- it's a saga -- and spending our weekends navigating the home-buying process. Since this will be our first home purchase, we're learning as we go and discussing our major life decisions over burgers, tacos and frozen treats. We've definitely had a lesson in patience since all we want is to get settled in somewhere, but at the same time, we're feeling blessed and taken care of and grateful for each other and the little one who will soon be joining our party of two.


  1. remember the baby is listening and learning and tasting those tacos too! happy anniversary

  2. Happy Anniversary, congratulations on your pregnancy, and happy house hunting! So many good, good things!

  3. That last photo is absolutely stunning. Happy anniversary, and I've got my fingers crossed for your house hunt!

  4. that's so sweet, love it. we're praying for you guys! xo.



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