Friday, June 13, 2014

Shopping for Baby

I nearly titled this post: Do Babies Really Need All This Stuff? or Shopping for Baby: Send Help! I've started the process of researching and registering for baby gear. There's a whole world of car seats and carriers that I know nothing about and sifting through online product reviews is like a form of self-inflicted punishment. Plus, everyone seems to have a different opinion about what's best. When I feel overwhelmed, I find myself drawn to more manageable decisions like choosing clothes and room decor. Like how cute is this hot air balloon mobile? I think I'll buy it. See how easy that was.

Any must-have suggestions or advice from you mamas and good shoppers out there?

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  1. You probably know/read Erin Boyle's blog, but she just posted a great article about this (written by her sister, I think). I love the idea of not cluttering up your baby's life with "things" too early :)



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