Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making Time

So it's been a while...way too long in fact, but it's my New Year's resolution to carve out time for all things SoHo, so here's to getting reinvigorated in 2009. I thought a new planner would be a good way to get motivated and structured. I came across these charming pocket-size planners on etsy that should do the trick. The Vancouver-based seller Posy Paper Co. specializes in cards, calendars and notebooks, and the petite size makes them perfect for jotting down ideas on the go.


  1. i love that print.
    and i too, am a fan of paper planners that don't require technology to operate.

  2. Welcome back SoHo! I have missed you!

  3. happy new year, from il bandito

  4. Cute planner and it would probably do me a world of good. January has found me getting off to a slow start.



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