Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend in Photos

This weekend, we had a much-anticipated meal at Red Farm. The last time we tried to eat there, they said it would be a two to three hour wait and we said, "Peace out." This time, we got there when they opened and had a fantastic early dinner, complete with Pac-Man dumplings. I went jeans shopping, which was surprisingly painless, and played with Christmas gifts. And on Sunday, we had friends over to watch the Golden Globes and eat chocolate cake. What did you think of the Globes? Tina and Amy were awesome, I just could have used a lot more of them.


  1. I agree, Tina & Amy were hilarious!
    And whatever that chocolate raspberry thing is, I want one!

  2. Ooo I've never heard of Red Farm and if there is that long of wait usually then it must be good!!! =)

    Amy & Tina were so funny! They are such a great team!!

    Have a great week!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I agree… I thought Amy and Tina were awesome too. That meal looks absolutely delicious… Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Happy Monday!

  4. Ooh Red Farm looks delicious - I'll definitely have to pay them a visit soon!

  5. Your dinner and desserts looked fantastic!

  6. Your dinner and desserts looked fantastic!

  7. I missed the Globes (but love Tina and Amy). That first photo is dreamy!!! Happy you were able to enjoy the Red Farm... Jealous your jeans shopping was painless. :)

    Chocolate cake... yum!



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