Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monthly Photo Project: January

Happy New Year! For me, January is one of those months that involves spending more time at home just to avoid the cold, so this month's photo theme is: cozy. Choose one photo that captures the theme and have it ready to share on Thursday, January 31. You can post it on your blog, Instagram, flickr, wherever, just be sure to come back and share the link. If you want to email me your photo and information, I'd love to highlight images from a few of you. Send it to: southernhostess[at]gmail.com by January 27.


  1. yay! can't wait.

  2. I love seeing Grandma's quilt!

  3. Ooo!! I would love to submit a photo!! Love the theme! =) I have a feeling January is going to be a cold month in NY so I will be looking for very cozy things! =)

    Happy New Year!




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