Friday, February 22, 2013

Thoughts of the Week

As if a cake weren't wonderful enough, here's one filled with secret goodness.

A beautiful reminder to pay more attention when I'm walking around the city.

I forgot how chic all black can be.

A trick for bringing a baguette back to life. I tried it this week, and it worked!

My closet is eager to spring forward.

Wallpaper to go along with your tea parties.

I need more fancy footwear in my life.

Let's ALL open bakeries.

The question is how many tiny tacos would I eat.

Happy Friday, dear friends! As always, thanks for stopping by and sending kind words my way. What are you up to this weekend? I'm having a little Oscars gathering on Sunday, and Jonah's parents are headed to town, which means lots of restaurant meals next week!


  1. I visited every site. Thanks for all that diversity, enjoyed each topic.

  2. Dude. The two of us should open a southern-y bakery! WE'D MAKE MILLIONS. xo

  3. Thanks for including me in this list! I'm headed to check out the other links :) Happy Friday!

  4. The flower arrangements are so lovely! I have never seen a bouquet or floral arrangement I didn't like, or that couldn't bring a smile to my face :)

    Hope your Oscar party went well! I came home just in time ... to see the closing credits.



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