Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend in Photos

Another fun weekend, snow and all! We had dinner in Brooklyn at Moto complete with macaroni and cheese and applesauce, one of my favorite childhood combinations. We celebrated a friend's birthday with beer and pinball. I did a little shopping and worked on some Valentine-related projects. And on Sunday, we had chicken wings and chocolate cake to go along with the Super Bowl.


  1. The snow flurries... :) I love that your photos tell the story of your weekend, which always seem warm and happy (despite the current temps).

  2. Chicken wings and chocolate cake... can't think of anything else closer to perfection! SNOW!! SO pretty!

  3. Oh, I love Moto! A good friend used to live right across the street and that was always my restaurant of choice when we met up for dinner in his neighborhood. Have you had their date cake? It's out of this world!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Good evening from L.A.!

    I'll be honest: one of the reasons I look forward to Monday morning's is for your "Weekend in Photos" post. I've only been to New York a handful of times, and it's been a long time since. Every Monday morning I resolve to return and see it very soon!

    Happy Monday evening!



  5. Marisa,
    It is TRON pinball! :)

    Yes, I get the date cake every time! It's amazing.

    What a sweet comment! Thank you!



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