Friday, January 31, 2014

January Photo Project: Cold

It seems fitting that I'm sharing your cold-themed photos this week given how brutal the weather has been in some places. I snapped a pic of my coat and boots following a day in the snow. Here's what you shared:

Lesley took this photo of her daughter Maltida walking through the snow that hit Georgia this week.

Jaime shared a pic of a snowy evening in Boston. I love how the State House glows against the blue light.

Allison took this photo on her daily walk with her dog Odin.

Jenny shared a photo of the rental car she was driving this week while her car was in the shop. She says she drove it like a grandma to keep from fishtailing.

And I like Hanna's photo as a response to the cold. That's what I'm talking about.

If you want to share one of your photos of the cold, just leave a link below! I'll announce February's theme next week. Thanks for sharing your pictures with me!


  1. Snow in Georgia? I didn't know that was possible! Beautiful photos as usual :)

  2. They are all beautiful and definitely represent cold (or escaping it) but Jamie's shot is giving me wanderlust! :)

  3. These are lovely photos! As I sit here and it's 29 degrees here in Northwest Arkansas, I cannot wait for Spring!



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