Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend in Photos

I don't care much about football, but since I'm married to a Seattleite, this weekend was all about the Super Bowl. We had friends over last night, and I served up two kinds of wings, two kinds of chili and the highlight for me, these M&M cookies with a Seahawks touch. I'm just grateful they were victory cookies. Since I was either in the kitchen or in front of the TV, I didn't get many photos, but my culinary fail was attempting these football-inspired strawberries. My hands just weren't steady enough to achieve the proper level of cuteness, and I quickly threw in the towel. On the bright side, I made my own blue cheese dressing since our neighborhood grocery store was sold out of the bottled stuff, and it was so tasty that now I'll always go the homemade route. So yay for football! But mostly for the food involved.


  1. Please share the blue cheese recipe? Love the cookies!

    1. You've inspired me. I'll share the blue cheese recipe tomorrow!

  2. It all looks lovely! I'm sure your hubs was thrilled last night haha.

  3. Oh my gosh. Homemade blue cheese! I am with Wendy----please share! And those cookies look so the details with the seahawks colors.

  4. i had so much fun on Super Bowl sunday just because all my friends were at a bar together !



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