Friday, November 21, 2014


Harrison turned 1 month old yesterday. I really love spending my days with this sweet boy. I'm just head over heels for him. And even though I feel like an outing to Target is a crowning achievement, I'm gradually beginning to find my footing in motherhood. I took this photo of Jonah and Harrison a couple weeks ago. Harrison looks so tiny, I can't even take it. This is basically what our life looks like lately, catching up on sleep whenever possible and snuggling with baby boy. Thanks for bearing with me and the intermittent blogging. I hope to have a semblance of a schedule in the very near future, and I'm excited for some holiday posts, gift guides, Christmas sweets, all my favorite stuff.

This weekend, we're packing up the car and driving to Savannah to spend Thanksgiving week with my family. I'm pretty sure we're crazy to drive 17 hours with an infant and a dog, but I'll let you know just how crazy once we get there. Anyway, I'm really excited about introducing Harrison to his great-grandmothers ... and also for sweet potato casserole.


  1. Sometimes, even though it sounds crazy, travel is easier when they're teeny tiny and not on a schedule yet. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

    1. Good point and thanks for saying that, Francine!

  2. Adorable photo! Save travels & Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. safe travels! It should be a wonderful adventure! Looking forward to meeting Harrison

  4. This is the sweetest photo! Safe travels, and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. We drove from NYC to Alabama for Christmas when May was 2 months old. It went really well because she just slept 85% of the time. I'm sure he will do great!

  6. Such a sweet photo! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  7. Such a sweet photo!! Congrats on your baby boy!!! Hope the drive went well!!



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