Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ever since discovering the sheer bliss of New York's Magnolia cupcakes, I've done my best to seek out the equivalent in other cities. While none may ever compare to the great Bleecker Street bakery (due mostly to my own nostalgia), it's fun to taste the sprinkle-covered rainbow.

Today, I ventured out to West Seattle to try some mini-cupcakes at the charming and lengthily-named Coffee to a Tea with Sugar. Not only are their cupcakes absolutely darling, they're really, really good. They come in a variety of flavors: chocolate-chocolate, chocolate-vanilla, vanilla-vanilla, coconut, carrot, strawberry, mocha, German chocolate and more, they're just $1.25 each, and if you stretch it, you'll get three delightful bites.


  1. I want to try them when i come! but they don't have vanilla-vanilla? oh, well, all those other flavors sounded wonderful. i'm going to go look at flights.

  2. They do have vanilla-vanilla. I'll make a revision. Does that persuade you to come to Seattle even more?

  3. Can you put a price on delectable goodness?! $0.33 per bite, my friend. $0.33 per bite.



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