Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Search for the Next Great Pajamas

I have a pair of pajama bottoms that I wear practically every night. Affectionately known as "moonbeams" because of their stylish celestial pattern, they have been with me since 1997. They are the softest, most comfortable pants a girl could ask for, but their slow death is beginning to speed up. The little holes in the fabric are getting bigger, and everyone, including my mother, is vocally disgusted by them. So I am trying to gradually transition before I have to say goodbye to my moonbeams forever.

I found this adorable pair of Nick & Nora bottoms at Target. I'm a big fan of the cupcake pattern and the price, but the fabric is not quite soft enough and cropped pj's aren't particularly flattering.
Any suggestions? What are your favorite pajamas like?


  1. As long as you don't lose the scrunchies... Maybe you could make a memorial and Annie could put her Poland shirt in there. Goodbye moonbeams.

  2. pajamas are hard because i think i find the perfect thing and then i wake up in the middle of the night choking because i'm all twisted in them.

  3. didn't we buy you like a ton of lingerie less than a year ago? well, if they still have the tags on them trade them in for some sassy sweats and call it a day.

  4. Ashley,
    You don't sleep in that stuff...maybe you do, you little skank.

  5. I am enjoying you all, if you can't all be in NYC together, maybe this will have to be the next best thing, keep those comments coming!



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