Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brilliant Blogs: A Sweet Find

Sweet Paul is a blog that simply begs to be looked at. It's my current haven for my calorie-free obsession with food photography. Paul is Paul Lowe, a food and interior stylist who makes dishes seem irresistible. If you're not dying to make these chocolate and coconut cupcakes after seeing this photo, check your pulse. Paul recently worked as the stylist for Slurp: Drinks and Light Fare, All Day, All Night. This gorgeous cookbook features over 100 recipes for all kinds of drinks and complementary appetizers. One look should have you thirsting for more.


  1. Thanks for all your kind words
    Means a lot to me

  2. wow, Thanks for introducing me to this blog. I don't like tomatoes but i'd eat his pictured tomatoes, I added his blog to my links. Great find!



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