Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lovin' Spoonful

When it comes to eating ice cream, I have long held the belief that the cold treat is best enjoyed with a plastic spoon. I once heard that metal spoons conduct cold which can numb your taste buds, thereby dulling the flavor of your ice cream. To be honest I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds true, right? Regardless of taste bud science, these spoons are adorable.
The utensils, made from melamine, are creations from Zak! Designs and are available for sale online. They're fun, they fit hands perfectly, and they're dishwasher safe. Zak! Designs has created all kinds of durable and brightly-colored products, including bowls, cups, plates, colanders and more. The cheery designs are a perfect dinnerware solution for picnics and outdoor parties, and they just might help you enjoy that next bowl of ice cream.


  1. i haven't heard that about metal spoons but it does make sense. but, no matter the material, no spoon can make non-bluebell ice cream taste like bluebell!

  2. Nora: I'm with you 100 percent. Oh Blue Bell, you southern delicacy!

  3. You mean that whole metal spoon thing isn't confirmed? I have passed that factoid along for a year!

  4. Ash: I believe in my heart that it's true. Isn't that enough?

  5. I'll eat ice cream with anything that's handy, but those spoons are very cute - I like the ice cream bowls too.

  6. Oh Blue Bell....why would anyone EVER make ice cream when they can buy Blue Bell's homemade vanilla. I am going to get a bowl right now, since I bought gallon to go with "the pie that must not be named" but ya'll know what pie I am talking about.



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