Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grown-up Night-Lights

Is owning a night-light acceptable for an adult? I'd like to think so. They're really handy for those midnight snack trips to the kitchen, and they're more compact than Lite-Brite. Thanks to Lucy Lambtail's Etsy shop, you can even disguise your night-light as a chic and quirky home accessory. Her design consists of a bronze-colored base which holds interchangeable glass plates. The plates feature photos of Bob Dylan, Audrey Hepburn and The Beatles, to name a few. The night-lights are affordable and charming home decor, and they'll probably keep you safe from monsters under the bed.


  1. those are pretty, too bad i don't have a bedside table.

  2. I'm a huge night light fan! And esp after having my baby, it's just easier having one so I don't trip blindly around the bedroom at night!



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