Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Moons and More

So no joke, I was just listening to music on my computer and browsing the Internet. As Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" started playing, I landed on the Etsy home page, which was featuring what else? Pink items!

Here are a few of the featured pleasantly pink finds: pompelmo rosa earrings, pebble bowl, cranberry moonglow beads and a peony silk-lined clutch. Check them out with some terrific background music.


  1. SoHo---what a delight! You feast my ears and my eyes! The pink pebble bowl and the Cranberry Pink beads all while listening to one of my favorites "Pink Moon" so satisfying ---as a certain Russian gambler might phrase it--- keep it up we need it. Plus-- I have Never seen the "Pink Moon" video. Girl this is a brand new blog!

  2. Amen to that SoHo! Thank goodness you keep opening up my world - I love that song & the video makes it come alive in a new way. That's one I'll return to over & over. You're the best!



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