Monday, August 11, 2008

Daring Dishes

When it comes to cocktail parties, I tend to focus on the food and often overlook what it's being served on. But recently, I came across an Etsy shop where dishes get all the attention. Dishfuls of Doodles specializes in whimsical hand-painted tableware, including bowls, platters and vases. Porcelain whiteware is decorated with bold colors and intricate designs that fit together like a puzzle. The pieces are food-safe, hand-washable and full of personality. If you're not careful, they might even steal the show from the food.


  1. those are super cute! i love the designs on them, so original and fun. great work soho!

  2. I really want square dishes.I have a feeling i would tire of them soon, but this made me want them more. thanks a lot soho.

  3. SoHo those dishes are great looking, but I need dishwasher safe, got any I can put in the hot water?

  4. I'm glad y'all like these dishes as much as I do. I'm a big fan of square plates - just to mix things up a bit.

  5. Thank you for pointing out that Etsy shop! I'm always looking for interesting tableware but my collection is still woefully small. Little by little right?

  6. Thanks, SoHo (love your name) for featuring my tableware! I'd like to reply to mimi's comment - I understand the desire for dishwasher-safe, however my feeling is that because they're serving pieces and not place settings (of which you'd have many) it wouldn't be as big a deal to hand wash 1 or 2 - (although if you want many I'm happy to accomodate ;o)- and they can go in hot water. Secondly, because you're spending an average of $100 for each, you'd probably want to keep them out of the dishwasher anyway. Hope this helps a little. Thanks again for all your nice comments!



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