Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Put the Lights on the Tree

While one day I hope to have a home filled with Christmas trees to suit my every decorating whim (like this one for instance), for now I am limited to just one tree, so I opt for the nostalgic look -- lots of Hallmark ornaments and colored lights on a tree with some character. There's something about a tree like this that reminds me of being a kid, so I think I'll keep the tradition around a while. How do you decorate?


  1. I have a two foot tree named Ben in my studio. He is a good friend, despite being small.
    Did you name your tree?

  2. We have a live tree and an artificial tree. We have a lot of ornaments from trips to Germany, but the tree still manages to look very eclectic

  3. Pretty tree! I now have a house with high ceilings and an allergy to fir so I have a 9 foot artificial Christmas tree. It is a bit challenging to decorate but it does hold most of the ornaments I treasure, everything from a beautiful light blue velvet covered eggshell with an angel inside that a friend's grandmother gave me as a child to a shiny glass ball hand painted by mother to my daughter's first cross stitch project sewn onto a tiny pillow. I go for nostalgia and memories at Christmas time!



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