Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hatching a Plant

These ceramic eggs might be the tiniest and cutest planters I've ever come across. The egglings as they are called come with one ceramic egg, a terra cotta dish, soil and seeds. You the tap the egg with a spoon to break open the top, add water, and soon your miniature garden begins to grow. A variety of options are available including basil, mint, red pepper and strawberry plants. You can find the egglings online at Branch and the MoMA Store. I think they make a great little gift, and how cute would they be lined up in a windowsill?


  1. That is cute, but I wonder if I would kill it! eek! :)

  2. these are really cool, i received one of them as a christmas gift. no chickens inside just a tasty bright green basil plant!

  3. wow, vegetarian chicken eggs!!!



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