Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fine Design

Have you guys been watching 9 by Design on Bravo? It follows a married couple, Bob and Cortney Novogratz, who design multi-million dollar homes, while raising seven kids in New York City. On one hand, the show makes me feel lazy and poor, but on the other hand, it's totally inspiring and their design work is pure eye candy. These images are from Bungalow, a hotel on the Jersey Shore (no Snooki jokes) that they did the interior design for, and the closest us mortals can get to their work.


  1. I haven't seen the show, but there design style is fantastic! I'll have to tune in!

  2. No I haven't seen it but you just reminded me I need to DVR it! What would I do without you? And my husband would love a little chalkboard like that for the daily surf report! Cute idea.

  3. Where is the Nanny for all of those kids? The show is kid loud but the designs are worth it...

  4. I'm honestly amazed by how much they do with all those kids running around. It's phenomenal. And scary. Makes me feel a bit lazy too.



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