Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pattern Pictures

These prints would look so bright and happy hanging on a white wall. It's amazing what a few stripes and crisscrossed lines can do.

[spotted on 20x200; artists: Jonathan Lewis and Joe Kievitt]


  1. these are great! i saw a great idea recently to take silk scarves and frame them....that's kind of what this reminds me of! very cool way to add a pop of color! hope everything is going smoothly for you with your move! xoxo

  2. Love them!!

    I did a gallery wall with some patterned paper and then also prints with similar colors in my son's nursery. ...kind of reminds me of these! :)

  3. wooot! i love these papers! they're so cute! and so prettttty!

  4. Cannot get enough colored/patterned paper in my life.

    The stripes do remind me of a colorful brightly striped (70-ish) wallpaper that used to cover our bathroom walls, growing up. It was a liiiitle much, I must say (orange, brown, yellow combo, I believe), and I was happy to see it leave...

    But I love a little dose of brightness and stripes to add a little nostalgia, happiness, fun.

  5. Love these patterns! Graphic prints always catch my eye.

  6. yes very bright, fun and cheery. Love it.



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