Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Painted Pumpkin Bottle

I decided to do a little Halloween crafting with a pumpkin as my inspiration. I started with a Martinelli's bottle since it already has that leaf texture built in, so I drank my apple juice, washed the bottle and got to work. 

I used Martha Stewart craft paint which works on glassware. Just pour some paint directly into the bottle. The consistency wasn't thin enough to swirl it around, so I added a little bit of water, about half a teaspoon, to get it moving. You can always add more paint or more water to achieve the right consistency, so start small. Then, roll the bottle around, upside down and side to side until the inside is covered completely with paint. 

Set the bottle upside down on a plate lined with tin foil to let it dry, picking up the bottle and wiping the top off occasionally. Mine took several days to dry. I love the glossy look you get from the paint behind the glass. I added a little copper paint to the outside to highlight the leaves, and there you have it, a happy, little pumpkin bottle. I haven't tested if it can hold water yet, so I just stuck a few flowers in without it. 

Here are some more tips on painting glass. It's a fun and easy project! Happy Halloween!


  1. Good idea! I'm a vase can't have too many.

  2. looks amazing! great job.

  3. Looks great, love the detailing on the bottle too!

  4. What a pretty vase! You come up with such great crafts and I love that they seem really doable too:)!

  5. such a fun DIY... thanks for sharing!

  6. What a beautiful bottle, and it's a craft that I can actually see myself doing. Thanks for sharing this great idea.



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