Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel Style: Belt Bag

Before I left for Europe, the lovely ladies at Hipsters for Sisters lent me one of their belt bags, which proved especially useful for traveling. As they describe it, their bags are basically stylish fanny packs. It was perfect for paring down and just carrying around the essentials like a passport, cash and a phone. You can even detach the bag from its the belt, and you're left with a simple, chic clutch.

Hipsters for Sisters is a small, family-owned company. Their bags are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and made in America. They're currently offering SoHo readers 10 percent off any purchase. Just enter the promotion code soho12 and receive a discount at checkout!


  1. love that bag! so so cute!


  2. I love this bag! Practical and chic is always my favorite kind of fashion.

  3. i really love this and am always wanting a stylish fanny pack for a hands free bag!

  4. It's about time someone re-invented the fanny pack! I love that belt bag!



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