Thursday, May 30, 2013


I occasionally daydream about living in an old school building or a firehouse. I'm sure these spaces are hard to come by and require loads of time and money for renovation, but there's something so appealing about living in an unconventional space. New York magazine recently rounded up a few converted homes, including a church, a police radio room and a storefront. I've given some thought to the storefront. You could leave your curtains open and call it performance art.

[photos by: Michael Moran, Jenny Westerhoff and Angelika Schubert]


  1. I love adaptive reuse projects like these! I would love to live in one someday.

  2. Holy cow, so cool. It'd be so fun to live in a place with a great story behind it!

  3. Some of the oldest school buildings in the US are BEAUTIFUL. I'm right there with ya. :)



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