Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend in Photos

How was your weekend? I had to take the computer to the shop on Friday, so bear with me this week if I'm short on posts. I feel lost without all my photos at my fingertips. Jonah brought home a box of my favorite chocolates, which improved my mood, we saw The Great Gatsby (Did you see it? Thoughts?), had brunch at Diner and spent the rest of the day wandering around Williamsburg avoiding thunderstorms, we went to Roosevelt Island for the first time to see the beautiful FDR Four Freedoms park and called our moms to tell them how awesome they are. I hope your weekend was equally full of goodness.


  1. fun shots...and i like the fill a mason jar w/ candy idea!

  2. Sounds like a chill weekend - full of little treats! I hate when my computer's away getting fixed - I just feel so lost!

  3. Here's to a speedy computer recovery!

  4. candy and a green bike. perfect.



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