Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mini Frosted Christmas Cookies

Remember those pink and white frosted animal cookies from childhood? Well, here they are -- homemade and with a Christmas twist. Recipe credit goes to Lillie of Butter Me Up, Brooklyn. A side note: I just found out that my husband and Lillie went to middle school together. Small world, right?! I followed her cookie recipe and instructions and just swapped in Christmas cookie cutters and red, green and white candy melts and sprinkles.

They're adorable, crunchy, slightly sweet and addictive -- I think something magic happens between the coat of frosting and the sprinkles. The white cookies ended up being my favorite, but the little green Christmas trees and holly leaves are pretty cute too. They're a great kid-friendly (or nostalgic adult) Christmas cookie and good enough to leave out for Santa.

[recipe found here]



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