Thursday, December 12, 2013

Date Night: Indoor Skydiving in Seattle

While we were in Seattle for Thanksgiving, Jonah and I went on one of our date nights through HowAboutWe, a membership service that sets up dates designed to fit all sorts of interests. You just browse their site and pick the dates you like, they do the rest. So far we've made dumplings and heard Ira Glass talk, so for something completely different, we decided to give indoor skydiving a try.

First of all, I'm a scaredy-cat / major chicken, but Jonah seemed interested in the indoor skydiving date at iFly, so I decided to put on a brave face and give it go. I was anxious beforehand -- seriously, I cannot understand how people leap into the actual sky from actual planes -- but our instructor and everyone we encountered was friendly, professional and super excited, which of course, makes you feel super excited. We had a run-through on how your body should be positioned and hand signals to know so you can make adjustments, then suited up -- jumpsuit, earplugs, goggles and helmet. See how cool we look.

We each got two turns in the flight chamber. My first attempt was not the greatest. I was so concerned with my legs that I forgot to keep my chin up, which makes all the difference. I knew how to correct for my second attempt, which was much more enjoyable and awesome-looking. Random strangers even high-fived me when I was finished. We had so much fun! I can totally understand people going on repeat visits, learning more, improving and getting to do cool tricks. It was just enough adrenalin for my taste, the kind that makes you all happy and giggly. Speaking of giggly, our mid-air photos continue to be a source of amusement for everyone who sees them. I can't wait to force people to watch the DVD.

For our January date, I'm eyeing this at-home couples massage, this brewery tour and this drawing class at the Met. I can't wait for our next big night out. Interested in HowAboutWe? Sign up for free to browse their date options and be sure to use this link to get $50 off your first date!

Our date and this post were made possible by HowAboutWe.


  1. Wow Natalie glad you enjoyed it. I did the plane jump version twice and the second time I was scared crazy! I threw in the towel, but this sounds similar to the experience. Maybe I can get my fiance who's afraid of heights to do it with me. Rock on girl, love your spunky side!

  2. love it!! looks like you kids had a blast. can't wait to be forced to watch that DVD!

  3. So fun! Up next... real skydiving? ;)

  4. Oh my! So fun! I think this is the only kind of skydiving I could handle as well. 3 feet off the ground is more my speed! Glad you guys had fun!



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