Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fox and Friends

When it comes to stuffed animals, I don't have much willpower. It's hard to resist buying a whole bunch for baby boy. Last week, I got the sweetest little fox in the mail as a baby gift from a friend. Made by a Brooklyn-based company called Hazel Village, each animal comes with a name and story. For instance, Owen Fox has a secret treehouse where he likes to practice his dance moves. I can't even stand the cuteness. This little guy might need a few more animal pals.


  1. Oh dear. Each one of those is cuter than the one before. Lucky baby!

  2. You had me at the part about practicing his dance moves. :) Super cute, enjoy!

  3. Sweetness multiplied - baby needs the whole cast of characters

  4. Loved it and shared it on my facebook page here:



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