Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend in Photos

My weekend appears to be entirely food-centric. I guess when it's 101 degrees outside, we just hop from restaurant to restaurant, and there's no need for fooling around with much else. I picked up a boxful of breakfast pastries from Tiny Pies, including a tasty blueberry-lemon pop tart. And we continued our search for our favorite Austin restaurants with dinner at New India and brunch at Olivia. Both proved themselves worthy of a return visit.


  1. stunning photos!

  2. mmm Indian foooood...There are 2 Indian places in Northwest Arkansas and both are 30 minutes away from me, which is too far away when you're tired after work, so I think it's time I learn how to make Indian food!

  3. Yum! Now I'm craving that pop tart to get my morning started.



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