Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Necklaces Make a Bold Statement

My J. Crew catalog arrived today and on the cover was a bright yellow double-stranded necklace. The necklace features glass beads made in Japan in the 1960s. Secured by an ornate medallion, the jewelry definitely has a vintage look, but the lemony color provides an unconventional modern twist. While the necklace is beautiful, it's a steep $228 and supplies are limited, so I went in search of similarly appealing neck-ware. At Banana Republic, I came up with another necklace featuring a brooch as well a selection of bold three-strand beaded necklaces available in orange, purple and turquoise, all retailing for $59. Anthropologie's lemondrops necklace is just $38 and with its candy-inspired design, looks good enough to eat. So be bold and throw on a colorful necklace of any price range to make your summer fashion shine.


  1. Who'd have thought to look for a fashion bargain at Anthropologie? And you're right, it does look good enough to eat!

    btw - I'm tagging you with the "Six Random Things About Me" meme. :-)

  2. I know! A bargain is a rare find at Anthropologie. Thanks for the tag! I'll be following through on it soon.



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