Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Your Green On

On paper, I should be really into St. Patrick's Day. I'm from Savannah, which becomes St. Patrick's Day central every March, fountains dyed green and all. My middle name is Aerin, which is worth like a million Gaelic bonus points. And I really love wearing green, that vibrant, can't ignore ya kinda green. I won't actually wear it on St. Patrick's Day though. It just won't be appreciated.

[spotted here: bag; jeansdressflats]


  1. I really love that dress! It has such a great cut. Have a sunny morning:) xo

  2. In college--several of my friends piled in a car and made the 4 hour trip to savannah for st. patrick's day....once we arrived, we realized that locals didn't necessarily dress in all green (as we had). Hilarious...the pics are ridiculously funny. I do however, love kelly green. Those jeans and that dress are so cute.

  3. I love green but never find a shirt or outfit that looks good on me...hmmmm....

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  4. Oh my gosh I love that dress! I want one so badly!

  5. I say wear it anyway! As long as you feel awesome in a vibrant green like one of these, go for it. :) I'm cantoring a wedding ceremony on St. Patrick's Day-super excited!

  6. Green is gorgeous! Best color in my book. Love your picks!

  7. That dress is so lovely! It's so delicate in design but the color gives it an awesome strength.

    And I have a pair of green pants I'll totally be rocking some Saturday - along with an orange cardigan and white tee in honor of the Irish flag!



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