Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Fixes for Apartment Kitchens

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When you live in an apartment like me, it doesn't feel like there's a lot you can do to make a kitchen your own, but a few simple touches can make all the difference. Here's a look at my kitchen.

Start small - Cute, colorful dish towels are one of my favorite items to buy when it comes to brightening up the kitchen. It's a small purchase that brings in personality and color.

The doors - Depending on your landlord, you may have the option to paint your cabinets or even remove the doors for an open storage look. If neither of those are possibilities, switching out the hardware on your cabinets gives you a little creative control.

Accessorize - Add a table lamp to the countertop, artwork to the walls, a rug, a stack of cookbooks. Kitchens can be the forgotten land when it comes to interior decorating, but it just takes a little effort to make it a room that reflects your style.

On display -- Apartment storage is often limited, and there's no need to hide everything. Adding shelving and pot racks is a great way to make your private items public. Don't be afraid to have those whisks and wooden spoons, Le Creuset pots, spices and that pretty bottle of olive oil out in the open.

How do you add style to your kitchen?


  1. Lovely ideas, fresh and colorful.

  2. amazing photos!!

  3. I adore these photos, especially the kettle! I agree with your tea towel statement. My kitchen is huge on storage, short on counter space.....

  4. I love my apartment but the cute 1920's kitchen can be frustrating sometimes. I love using my kitchenaid and tea pot to add color to the place and save room in my cupboards.

  5. LOVE this, Natalie! We are apartment dwellers too and always looking for decoration/storage ideas. PS love that scripture in Proverbs :)


  6. This is all so true and such great advice. As much as I hate moving, it's always fun "setting up shop" in the kitchen and starting new.

    - Sarah

  7. natalie! those billy balls, blooms, whatever they are called are going to be the flower for the wedding! weird!! heartsies!!

  8. Such great tips, Natalie! I like the idea of starting small - I could take that advice since I'm always trying to do everything at once! :)

  9. I love all of the little details---especially the proverbs verse on the chalkboard. :) I can relate to this post a lot---in renting--I do similar things to try to warm up the space and make it my own. Changing out hand towels and knobs for the kitchen cabinet are usually at the top of my list.



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