Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bringing Back Backgammon

When I flipped open the new CB2 catalog featuring the latest Novogratz collection, I got a burst of happy nostalgia thanks to this backgammon set. My dad and I used to play backgammon all the time when I was growing up, usually while Murphy Brown was on in the background. It was exciting cracking open that briefcase gameboard, shaking the dice in the little box and winning often enough that I wanted to keep playing. You don't see a lot of cool backgammon boards, but I love this one with its rose gold leather and bright pops of color. I might just have to treat myself to it and start re-learning the rules.


  1. I've never played, but have always been interested! With a gorgeous set like that one, I'd be even more tempted :)

  2. John and I have been playing Dominoes–paired with a daiquiri, it's such a fun night!

  3. I've dusted off the ol' scrabble. I love board games!

  4. don't worry Dad will help with the rules!

  5. I have always wanted to learn how to play this game...Maybe it's finally time!




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