Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Jonah sent me an Onion article the other day titled: Girlfriend to Stay Underneath Blanket for Next 5 Months. That's my plan too as I seem to be cold at all times once November hits. Here are some blankets for bundling inspiration.

[found here: striped; tassel; plaid; blah print; faux fur]


  1. I am currently curled up under three blankets, and am still cold. Which is to say, I feel you on the whole blanket thing. That striped one would do just perfectly to fight the chill, I think!

  2. Haha, loving the blah blah blah one, wouldn't that be funny to give to a friend who talks a lot?

  3. So funny! Snuggling in a blanket is just all too important this season! :)



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