Thursday, November 7, 2013

Date Night: Live from the New York Public Library

Last week, Jonah and I headed to the New York Public Library in Bryant Park for our second date night through HowAboutWe, a membership service that sets up dates designed to fit pretty much any interest (like making dumplings) -- all you have to do is show up!

This date was of the educational sort, a Q&A with Ira Glass of This American Life fame and Nico Muhly, the youngest composer to ever have his work performed at the Metropolitan Opera House. We initially picked the date because we both love This American Life and could listen to Ira Glass talk all day long. Sometimes I make Jonah do his Ira Glass impression, and it just kills me.

The whole discussion was fascinating. It felt like a music appreciation class with bits of religion, technology and a few good laughs thrown in. I've actually never been to the opera, but the conversation piqued my interest ...maybe that should be our next date.

Bonus, we got to snack on coffee, tea and one of my favorite New York treats, cream'wiches! All in all, a pretty great Tuesday night.

Interested in HowAboutWe? Sign up for free to browse their date options and be sure to use this link to get $50 off your first date!

PS - Remember to join in on this month's date night photo project!

Our date and this post were made possible by HowAboutWe.

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