Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ice Cream Cravings

It's officially ice cream season around here, but maybe that rule applies year-round if you're in Texas or if you're pregnant or if you're a human being. I picked up a pint of Jeni's brambleberry crisp the other day. I'm glad someone was genius enough to combine a fruit crisp with the ice cream you usually put on the side. I also have loved every flavor of Talenti Gelato I've tried, and now that I'm in Texas, I'm happy to see there is no shortage of Blue Bell. What are your favorite ice cream brands and flavors?


  1. You've got to try the Red White and Blue by Blue Bell! I did last week, and it was so good. Plus topped on a slice of berry pie, took it over the edge. Luckily they have it in the pint size.

  2. Um... As long as it doesn't have freezer burn and it's not frogurt - it's my favorite. ;)



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